Credit Card & PayPal to Webmoney & PM

Nowadays PayPal,PerfectMoney, WebMoney and Virtual Prepaid Cards are the most popular forms of payment on the Internet. Usually there is a trust barrier between users and currency sellers, it is hard to find trusted source to convert your cash into a e currency.
Funds Inc, is an Amrican/Australian currency exchange provider system that provides the following services

  • Virtual Prepaid Cards for Online Purchases
  • Currency Exchange from PayPal to WebMoney/PerfectMoney & WebMoney/PerfectMoney to Paypal

Coversion Fee

Fund or Convert PerfectMoney :

PayPal > PerfectMoney: 8%
if you pay $100 Paypal you will get $92 PerfectMoney

PerfectMoney > Paypal : 10%
if you pay $100 pm you will get $86 Paypal

Credit Card to PerfectMoney : 8%
if you pay $100 by pm you will get $92 WebMoney

Fund or Convert WebMoney:

PayPal > WebMoney: 8%
if you pay $100 Paypal you will get $92 WebMoney

WebMoney > Paypal : 10%
if you pay $100 wmz you will get $86 Paypal

Credit Card to WebMoney : 8%
if you pay $100 by wmz you will get $92 WebMoney

PayPal > LibertyReserve : 8% (unavailable)
  if you pay $100 Paypal you will get $93 LibertyReserve
LibertyReserve > PayPal : 10% (unavailable)
  if you pay $100 LibertyReserve you will get $86 PayPal
Credit Card > LibertyReserve : 8% (unavailable)
  if you pay $100 by Credit Card you will get $86 LibertyReserve

Virtual Bank Accounts

Why using Virtual Bank Accounts?

Sometimes Non-US Residents having a hard time verifing their paypal accounts , with our Virtual Bank Accounts , you will be able to Verify Your US Paypal Account Instantly.


Virtual Prepaid Cards VCC

Why using Virtual Prepaid Cards?

Sometimes you need to make a purchase without revealing your identity or any sensitive information, to stay anonymous. That's when virtual card becomes helpful.

Reloadable Cards :

  • Card can be loaded anytime
  • Reload Fee - 22% Per Transaction
  • Prices Start From $32($10 Balance)

Non-Reloadable Cards :

  • Affordable
  • Prices Start From $22 ($10 Balance)

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