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Some of the online shopping websites and online service providers only accept non refunadable payment types like PerfectMoney as their preferred payment method.You can convert your paypal funds to PerfectMoney dollars using the form below ,please be aware that we highly investigate & report any fradulent attempt. due to high volume of fradulent payments we need to verify all orders manually. we're almost always online and you will receive funds after 1-2 hours in your WebMoney account wallet.

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After Submitting the form you will receive an invoice to make payment . if you don't have proof's of your paypal account ownership . please don't even bother to place an order .
Refund Policy :
Please note that PerfectMoney ( is a non-refundable paymant processor and before trying to pay anyone , please do some research and make sure you're not being scammed . a Full refund to your paypal account is possible from us but its possible only before we send the funds to your PM account # that you enter while you submit the form . After we send the PM funds to the destination account a refund wouln't be given for any reason, and the reason is that we no longer have your funds with us and it is sent to PerfectMoney, if you have the pm funds and you can return them back to us , we can give you a full refund after you sent us the funds by wm but we charge a 2% transaction fee . if you don't have the funds we would suggest you to contact wm's support team.


The geographic location of your computer has been determined and recorded. All attempts at fraud will be prosecuted.